Rapportmall för årlig redovisning av kommittéverksamheten till SwedCOLD




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A)  Computational Aspects of Analysis & Design of Dams Rapport 2016 M. Hassanzadeh 2014-2017
B)  Seismic Aspects of Dam Design 2013-2017
C)  Hydraulics for Dams Rapport 2016 J. Yang 2013-2016
D)  Concrete Dams Rapport 2016 E Nordström 2012-2018
E)  Embankment Dams Rapport 2016 I. Ekström 2014-2017
F)  Engineering Activities with the Planning Process for Water Resources Projects 2014-2017
G)  Environment B. Adell 2015-2017
H)  Dam Safety Rapport 2016 M. Bartsch 2015-2018
 I)   Public Safety Around Dams J. Evertson 2013-2016
J)  Sedimentation of Reservoirs   2013-2016
K)  Integrated Operation of Hydropower stations and Reservoirs 2015-2019
L)  Tailings Dams and Waste Lagoons Rapport 2016 A. Bjelkevik 2014-2017
M) Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams Statusrapport 2016-05-17 F. Midböe 2015-2018
N)  Public Awareness and Education Rapport 2015 G. Sjödin 2015-2018
O)  World Register of Dams and Documentation 2014-2017
P) ICOLD Committee on Cementet Material Dams 2013-2017
Q)  Dam Surveillance Rapport 2016 S. Johansson 2015-2018
R) Multipurpose Water Storage   2013-2016
S)  On Flood Evaluation and Dam Safety Rapport 2016 A Söderström 2015-2018
T) Ad Hoc Committee on Prospective and new Challenges for Dams and Reservoir in the 21st Century   2013-2016
U)  Dams and River Basin Management   2015-2018
V) Committee for Hydromechanical Equipment Rapport 2016 A. Halvarsson 2013-2016
W)  Selection of Dam Type (Ad Hoc)   2015-2018
X)  Financial and Advisory (Ad Hoc)   2014-2015
Y)  Climate change Rapport 2016 K.Hallberg 2014-2017
Z)  Capacity Building and Dams (Ad Hoc)   2015-2017
ZX1) Regional club
ZX2) Young Engineers Forum (YEF) Rapport 2016 C Bohlin  
ZX3) ICOLD Board

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